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    I personally think that if the company was a decent company they'd pay him. I have friends that have long since gone to other LE agencies or left LE altogether and our agency still paid them for going to court for cases they picked up while in their employ. It's just the right thing to do. If paying your brother the $100 or $200 dollars or whatever it would equal out to show up for court is such a big deal to them they're probably some fly by night company and it's a good thing your brother does not work for them anymore.

    Oh, and MallDirector:

    "Tell your brother to look at this like its Jury duty, and the pride he gets to keep because he is doing the right thing!"

    Sorry, but pride don't pay the bills!
    Just busting your chops.


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      Sir you are right... Pride doesnt pay the bills.. But satisfaction of doing the right thing helps us sleep at night so that we may continue to pay the bills! LOL.. Bust em away!

      I still pay all of my officers while under employ of my department, and to top it off, the courts pay them as well.. So they love it! And to add to it, if they find training outside of what we offer, that would benefit them in their service, I give them the time off paid!

      I do wish I could pay past employees who ave to attend, but thats kind of out of parameters. I must say though, if a former employee was the arresting officer, the prosecutor will substitute the former employee with a current one. We have enough reports to cover it!
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        In Montreal to report a crime where there is no suspect present, the victim must go to the police station to file the report. The aim is to keep police available to respond to serious crime & not tie them up writting reports for insurance companies. This means for example, that when the bank returns a traveller's cheque as being counterfeit I have to go to the police station to file the report. Since I also cover a regular shift it can not be during my working hours, I have to go when off duty & am not paid.
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