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  • additional training..

    I was also wondering how many of you have A.S.P. and O.C. certification as or any other cert, does something like this help when looking for a job or should you only do the training the hiring agency requires?

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    I have baton, OC and will be getting taser, Firearms and weaponless defense soon. These do help because they show that you are intrested in the job and learning. Also if your company does decide to issue these in the future that is one less you have to train. Also they all teach about basic self defense and use of force.
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      Wisconsin requires that you be industry (weapon manufacturer course) certified to WIDOJ level for any weapon you carry. Getting the certifications is mandatory up here.

      Here's the thing. If your going to carry these devices, get certified to the LE level. You get liability support from the manufacturer. You get to articulate in court why the level of force you chose was not excessive because you've experienced that level of force yourself in training.

      Part of training in these weapons is their use, their liability, and the post-event skills: Articulation, reporting, etc.
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        ^^ Great advice right there!

        I'm certified on ASP, and am an OC instructor for Oregon... so being certified to carry it kinda goes without saying

        Haven't moved on to Taser yet, but I may consider it depending on how the regulations get set up in this area over the next couple years...
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