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Florida?? (Yes, for you Nathan)

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  • N. A. Corbier
    Meh, gonna rewrite this...

    You can see by the police's position, they do not want private citizens involved, period. Doesn't matter if FSS 812 authorizes them to detain people for shoplifting or not, they should "call 911 and let the police handle it."

    That this guy pulled out a gun and fired at tires... He may have a legal justification, but firing at the tires is really bad. That he was a "security guard" has no bearing, he was carrying on his citizen CCW. The moment he leaves his post for home, his Class G license no longer works.

    Technically, he "should of" shot the driver. Legally, its the same thing in Florida. Firing at a moving vehicle is trying to kill the occupants.

    The discharging a weapon statute only covers two kinds of private citizens: PIs with Class Gs and Security with Class G. No one else is permitted to have a firearm in Florida.

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  • Black Caesar
    started a topic Florida?? (Yes, for you Nathan)

    Florida?? (Yes, for you Nathan)

    While reading an article I commented about in another thread, I noticed this web site has lots of private security related news. One artciel that caught my eye was this one:

    Its about an off duty security officer and CCW holder using his weapon.

    I'm really really not trying to start a whole big "my state rocks, yours sucks" thing, but I am honestly wondering. Is Florida a very "liberal" state despite being in the south? Here in Texas, a guy shooting at a crook who is trying to hurt someone right now would barely rate a second look. But i've read more than one story than this coming out of Florida.

    What gives?