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Security officer shot and killed thug video

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  • Security officer shot and killed thug video

    Good job to the security officer!

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    Hmm. Interesting.

    Amusingly enough, as part of the armed course in Florida, you are taught to protect the suspect you have taken into care, custody, and control from others. It is my hope that some lawyer doesn't look at this video and sees $s, since the guard failed to protect the shot gunman from the patrons intent on doing him harm.
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      Indeed. He may have been concerned about the other suspect and was trying to access if he was still around. But yea, once the treat is neturalized you are required to contain the scene and or restrain the subject regardless of thier condition. But when you are by yourself I think trying to make sure the other suspect does not come back or is still around would be my main concern.
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        Sucks to be him. Another degenerate 6' under.