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    I work 11 to 7 am. I don't like days with all the big wigs around. They just get in the way of good security. I've got a boss that has never worked security. She has three departments she runs, Security, Maintenance and Housekeeping.
    Oh well, I have to work so I just make the best of it. Besides, like I say, the big wigs are on days so they stay out of my hair.
    Besides I have more time at night for my second job and that's writing. You'd be surprised how much you can write in those spare moments. Some people would ask how can you write and work. Well, my partner spends that much time reading news papers so I figured instead of reading I'd write.


    Originally posted by BUCKSHOT
    Who here works nights by choice? I just love it myself, however i found hearing the same songs on the radio everynight can get a little annoying. Thats what do though to get me through the night.


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      I work nights by choice. I perfer the night shift. Shifts are more laid back, less traffic and cooler in the hot climate down here in the southern US.
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        I love working nights, it gives me more freedom to get things done. During the dayshift, it is like a preset schedule for everything and you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

        At night, theres less administration, most of our patients have taken their meds and gone nightynight, and things are just easier to deal with.
        "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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          Day / Night Rotation

          I'm at a major northeast refining complex that runs 24/ 7/ 365 {How else do you expect gas prices to rise !!! lol lol} we have 4 platoons with two officers and a shift supervisor working a combination day / night rotation. We also have an average of 10-15 priviate contract security officers working various fixed posts around the facility. Our main responsibility is patrol but we get involved in a little of everything.

          Our schedule is known as a {2-2-3-2} 2 days, 2 off, 3 nights, 2 off, 2 days, 3 off, and than repeat the cycle. This gives all of us every other weekend off - NICE !

          Basically it's broken down like this:

          Week #1
          Monday - Day Work
          Tuesday - Day Work
          Wednesday - OFF
          Thursday - OFF
          Friday - Night Work
          Saturday - Night Work
          Sunday - Night Work

          Week #2
          Monday - OFF
          Tuesday - OFF
          Wednesday - Daywork
          Thursday - Daywork
          Friday - OFF
          Saturday - OFF
          Sunday - OFF

          Each Tour after a set of days off is new {either day or night} - I personally feel more rested on my in-betweens than having a steady day, mid-watch, or mid-night shift. We work 12 hour shifts 0500-1700 or 1700-0500 so either way I'm home in enough time {about 5:20} to either have a nice dinner with my wife and kids or home in enough time to get to bed, sleep until about 11am or noon and still have somewhat of a day before going back in the next night. - We're on an 84 hour cycle {4 hours built in OT every pay} so we're in pretty decent shape

          We used to operate two weeks of days and two weeks of nights {before my time} but I've herd the officers quickly shot it down. Our Communications Division still works it and may soon be changing to our rotation.
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            I also prefer the night shift. Usually it´s the most peaceful, it allows you to read and do other stuff while working (I NEVER forget I´m working) and I get a 0,88 eur. (1 US $ approx.) bonus per each hour I work between 2200 and 0600.

            I´ve been for 14 months in my current site working the night shift 80% of the time, since there´s only a day shift on weekends. It´s the second better site I´ve been so far, and I hope I´ll stay for a LONG time.

            I had worked plenty of nights in other sites, too. Usually I had no problem to get this shift, since most people don´t want to do nights. However I´ve noticed that the night shift has a not so small hardcore fan base. Also in this forum, I see.

            Working nights has probably a bad side, too; it might have a negative influence on health. If humans and most animals sleep at night, its for a reason, isn´t it?. Some veteran s/o´s have told me that they felt a bit "burned out" after a long time working the night shift. And recently I found out that in the Netherlands and other north european countries, it´s forbidden by law that people over 35 work nights.

            So far, I haven´t experienced any significative change in my health that can be surely linked to working the night shift so often, but I´m 29 and haven´t working nights for so long after all.

            Has anyone experienced some bad side effects from working nights?


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              I think I posted this already but if I had it over to do again I would not do the 15h00 to 23h00 shift that I'd been doing most of my career. I missed a lot of my daughter's school functions. I can not be a member of any organization (I used to be a leader in the Boy Scouts) because I can not attend evening meetings. For this reason if I had it to do over again I would choose nights. My dad, who worked rotating shifts every 2 weeks in a manufactoring plant, used to change with the person scheduled to work the overnight shift when it was his turn to do the afternoon shift, for the last 4 or 5 years than he worked.
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                I work nights which I prefer but due to my position, it is a requirement. I am the Watch Commander and a Lieutenant. It is my belief and expeirence that the only people out between the hours of 2300-0400 are people in uniforms and the bad guys. If I am interacting with a subject in a housing community at 0100, I am assuming he / she is up to no good whatsoever! My shift typically runs 12 hours from 1700-0500 5 nights a week. These hours do not cover any meetings I have to attend at the office before my shift starts. And yes, I understand that my position dictates that I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And more especially during hurricane season which is 6 months long.

                Be safe,

                " We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on one hand and of overwhelming force on the other" - General George C. Marshall


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                  During winter i prefer evening shift and in the summer i prefer night shift dont have boss or supervisor and we can wear polo and short in summer for the night shift


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                    I will work nights until it is no longer an option. I love the fun stuff that happens at night. Plus I don't get constant request to open doors. We have master keys. I hate being interrupted from trol or another situation by the moron who locked himself out of his office. Also, in Texas right now, it is entirely too hot to want day shift.


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                      Nights all the way for me. I have worked them for most of my 15 years in security and really like them. Being in management there is so much more responsibility that goes along with nights. The buck stops here on most things.

                      Whereas during the day and afternoon they have engineers, tech support, human resources and thousands of other resource people at their disposal, I don't have that luxury. I have to make decisions and live with them. I don't get to pick up the phone and pass the buck. I like that aspect.

                      It is also cooler, more laid back, and less political. And I get more money for being here non-traditional hours.