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OVERTIME! Well, maybe...

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  • OVERTIME! Well, maybe...

    I just wanna beat someones head in.

    So, our company got a new account, and one of my supervisors asked me to fill in one of the two positions. 12 hour shift, monday thru friday. One, maybe two weeks, then back to my old site. well, geez, Christmas, 60 hours a week, 20 hours of time and a half...yeah, why not.

    well, me not thinking is why not.

    I forgot our week starts on friday, so since I had already worked friday, I would not have 20 hours of O.T. , just 16. Still not bad. So I work the first week and then find out this auto plant closes down for 10 days after christmas, opening up on January 2. Not good.

    I talk to the boss and he says He will put me At a local hotel for christmas and new years weekends.

    So much for the O.T.


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    It does not look like we are in Kansas anymore Dorthy....

    Now you know how to read that Supervisor.
    Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
    Groucho Marx