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    I believe we have some folks here who work in healthcare security. In case you're not already receiving this free e-newsletter, you might wish to subscribe: Healthcare Security Alert ... and HCPro, who puts this out, has another freebie, Emergency Management Alert for healthcare and lots of others, some of which might interest you and some won't. Here's the subscription page for all their free newsletters.

    Also, they publish a number of other resources in the areas of healthcare security, emergency management, disaster and terrorism planning guides, life safety issues, etc...but they're not free. I think that their main security/EM manual for HC security managers weighs in at around $150, for instance...but if you were getting ready for a promotions board interview, or actually being promoted, you might consider it to be a reasonable investment in your career - especially if you plan to specifically make HC security your specialty.

    ...and of course there's the IAHSS courses, which I assume you probably already know about.
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