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    Mr Security, I agree there should be no perfect solution in 99% of cases - decisions should be made on a case by case solution to ensure the best possible win - win solution. An eg, is it is Xmas and I had a major supplier send me 50 very nice diaries which have been distributed to my crew with th spares being left to be used by anyone else. I fired off an email to the CFO to advise him and give a value of $25.00 each (nominal) which ensured we had compliance with policies but that it had been reported. But I was also told my the previous RM who accepted lunches, holiday vouchers and rechargable maglites for Xmas gifts from past suppliers which is why the policies were put in place.

    I am glad that those drive through banks are not apart of Australia - yet. We don't use cheques very much as they are far outdated and the ATM's are what keeps people moving and spending money.
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      Common sense > logic.
      The CCTV Blog.

      "Expert" is something like "leader". It's not a title that you can ever claim for yourself no matter what you might know or might have done. It's a title that others bestow on you based on their assessment of what you know and what you have done.



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        We dont have a written policy on accepting gratuities.. If someone offered to compensate for me coming out to unlock there car or something, I'd always decline it. It didnt seem right to take money for doing something like that or finding they're wallet or purse full of money, then them wanting to offer you a "reward" for doing you're job. On the other hand we were allowed to accept free soda's and food from some of those esthablishments. Providing that they didnt have anyone employed who we busted before and might tamper with the food. Funny story.. I wrote a parking ticket to a manager of a resturaunt for parking in a fire lane.. I didnt know it was hers, but that wouldnt have stopped me from doing something about it. I went to put it on her windshield and the wiper came off in my hand, so I had to call the sgt and find out what to do about that. She went off and we had to call a wrecker on a sunday night to fix it, he gets there at like midnight, says there's no way i did it, it was already broken. The next day, she cuts off our guys and even the city police from free food, so the commanders get ticked and move me to 3rds for two weeks.. Never accepted any gratuity after that..


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          If someone offers me a gift I will be very suprised with my current position.

          I'm just happy that all it takes is fresh coffee every morning to keep the mechanics happy and putting security rigs in the front of the line.

          We recieve gifts from higher levels, but it's an equal distribution of gifts to all guards so it's no ethical issue there.
          Overmotivated and Underpaid... I'm a Security supervisors wet dream...