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Newby, Kansas City and Marines...

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  • Newby, Kansas City and Marines...

    Just wanted to say HI. Im new to the group and a new transplant from the wheatfields of Central Kansas to the hustle and bustle of Kansas City.

    Any other KC folks in here? Any former Marines?

    Im working for Whelan Security in KC, both on the KS and the MO side!

    OK...I'll look at the rest of the forum and get to posting!

    JASON R. "Fester" HICKS

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    Welcome Leatherneck!!

    Marine here, 6 years AD 4 years reserve. Not from KC though lol


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      Not a Marine, but I have worked for em. After all, the original name of the company I worked for was "Leatherneck Security."
      Some Kind of Commando Leader

      "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law


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        I was conducting a court security survey in the 1989, where the chief security officer was a retired Marine Gunny and his assistant was a retired Army Master Sergeant. One November night as they were leaving the building, two young men approached them and one said, "Give me stuff or I'll cut you both." The retired Army Sergeant said, "Take it easy on them Gunny." The young man dropped his knife and they both fled.
        I was on the otherside of the courthouse and when I rounded the corner, I saw both retirees doubled over with laughter. When the Army man told me what happened, I nearly dropped by bag and laughed so hard tears poured down my cheeks.
        Lesson learned: Never, but never **** (mess) with a Gunny, retired or otherwise. As I type this, I chuckle.
        Enjoy the day,


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          I'm not a Marine, but I am a Navy MA and work with Marines alot in the res center. But welcome aboard lots of great people here.