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Your job provide any fringe benefits?

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    [QUOTE=Security Consultant;45997][QUOTE=CameraMan;45995]
    Originally posted by integrator97 View Post
    Can I work from home.... in Arkansas. Who's to know if I'm in the next cube or down the hall. (I know 2 people with different distributors that do that.)I work from home.
    Allow me to rephrase- I don't know anyone who works for us (and thus gets the benefits package outlined above, in which integrator97 expressed interest, asking if there was any way he could get a jopb with us while working from home) who works from home.

    Sloppily worded, yes, but I think I've covered all the bases.
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      I once ran the security teams for an music event and using my 4wd with a large canopy off the back, set up a CP for all staff for assignment and to take breaks. I brought my massive PEPSI esky I once found in a river and just began to fill it with ice from the catering truck. I did not know the drink services were provided by Coke so when they found out - the Esky was swapped over for a massive Coke Branded one which a 12volt battery connected as well as all the free drinks we wanted provided we handed all non-coke drinks to the catering team (I would not argue with them now). Also a box of free mini coolers and cold packs were given 1 each to all security staff to have as a promotion for being co-operative and of course we had to get a Coke Promo pic for them to show their bosses too. I was just happy with the next esky with it's 4 massive wheels and 160 odd litre capacity that was perfect for jobs like this.
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