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    The CSOs are contract employees of the USMS and receive credentials identical to Deputy USMS except they have the same powers as deputies when actually in performance of their duties in the courthouse or other duties as assigned by the US Marshal and the Chief Judge such as escorting judges to and from their quarters and at times escorting prisoners with a DUSM.
    As a minimum, they must have at least three years of sworn experience and a graduate of a recognized military or civilian law enforcement academy. Most are retired USMS, other federal, military, state, county or local law enforcement.
    Guard service alone is not a qualifying experience.
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      When I started working on the GSA Dallas contract as a Guard back in 97, I asked my supervisor "who are those guys in the Blazers?". They were, of course , CSOs. I asked what it took to get on with them (they make way better money than Guards, and Guards don't make bad money at all). He said "Do you have God's home phone number?". When I said no, he said "well, forget it then". lol

      Now, 9 years (and 8+ years of qualifying police experiance) later, I'm seriously thinking of finding you who has the USMS contract here in Dallas and sending them a resume. Hell yea I'd quit my job at the college for a CSO spot, I can always go Reserve for the College District (and our reserves get paid) to keep my peace officer's license .
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        Black Ceasar:
        Ask the Marshal or Chief Deputy. They'll be happy to tell you.
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          Originally posted by BHR Lawson
          Who's taking it?

          (And more importantly... why am I seeing my post above yours?!)
          No clue, but I know US Protect was allegedly interested in it, and the Dept of the Army is looking to hire a few civilian cops there.


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            Around here, it is Knight Protective Services. I am currently in proccess to be
            hired by them, and am learning a lot about how federal contracts work with security.

            Contact is thru General Services Administration, under the auspicis of Federal Protective Services. Power of arrest is limited as they are not Sworn officers.
            Security is security, not law enforcement. But they are Armed security.

            starting pay is good, but no health benefits.


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              Originally posted by BUCKSHOT
              Wow those are all big companies that seem to have great opportunties. Does anyone know if it is a must to have 3 years as a leo to work as a court officer?
              AKAL demands 3 years for any of the California CSO contracts.

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                Guards II's in most of the California districts were given limited arrest authority, although almost non the the emplyers let thier people know this.

                Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
                Court Security Officers are not security guards. If you read the GSA General Schedule, it outlines that a CSO has specific duties that a Guard I (The GSA GS rating of a security guard) will never have.

                Most agencies want their CSOs to be former LE or military. Depending on the agency, they will give the CSO limited or full arrest powers. Guard Is are not given arrest powers, and Guard IIs (Armed guards) usually are not.

                Any contractor who goes through GSA Advantage certification can offer CSOs, Guard Is, Guard IIs, or Security Police Officers. They just have to register with GSA, go through the hoops, and offer specialized pricing to agencies.


                On another note, I think the server running this software is under extreme load. I got the "post in 30 seconds" message, its been 3 minutes since my last post, so the CPU is under so much load that the clock can't update correctly.

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