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    I understand that most people on this forum work contract so I guess the following does not happen too often. In most large cities there are associations of directors of hotel security that meet once a month or so to discuss problems that happen in each hotel so that we can be better protected. Before e-mail we had a "round robin" system. When an incident happened at an hotel it would call the hotel on the round robin list below it. This hotel would call the one after it & so on. We prevented a lot of problems this way.

    Montreal has a lot of the downtown office buildings & shopping centers that are joined underground by tunnels. You can walk miles in the downtown area underground. (Comes in really handy in the winter). These areas have also formed an association of security directors that meet once a month.

    Police & fire department officals attend our monthly meetings. Photos of suspects are passed around. Even though the hotels are in competition with each other we have found that sharing the information helps us all. Are there any others on the forum that take part in these types of meetings?
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    I don't take part in the meetings, but my Chief does. I think it's called the "Downtown Dallas Security Directors Association". I know Security Directors (Contract an in house) from all over downtown attend monthly. My cheif attends and represents the College.

    Dallas Police and Fire officials (Deputy Chiefs from both) attend, as well as the Captain from Federal Protective Services.
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      I am very active in and around my area.. But we do have contract security that is part of our association. I belong to a Regional Shopping center association, and we share information like mad along with PD's all over here. We cover Colorado, Wyoming, Montanna, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, and a couple others. There are meetings held, generally in Denver, but it include LP, Security, DHS, PD's, Fire, Managers, Directors and so on. We participate in the Alert system with RAJs and other crimes.

      A few months ago, a lot of malls in southern Denver were being hit by a truck load of theives, who targeted Fed-Ex and UPS trucks. These subjects would wait for the delivery drivers to go inside to deliver, pull up, cut the locks of the back of the trucks, and unload thousands of dallars of merchandise. These subjects were so good, they were hitting two to three malls a day, and working north through cities. I got the fax and alert on it, and sent it up north and further. Because of this, shopping centers beefed up the strike areas, and the subjects were caught. Working together, even though not in the same facility, business or area, local connections can really get info out quick and stomp things!

      I am a big beleiver on the working together aspect, and sharing information. The more educated and informed we are, the safer all of us are!
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        We survive on timely and accurate intelligence, intelligence that is shared in a discreet manner among security and law enforcement professionals.
        I am, as is Mall Manager, a strong believer that all of us know each and very one of the members of security or law enforcement in the local and surrounding communities.
        That is why this forum can be vital to all of us. If we have sensitive material to share, snail mail, PM or email. Very sensitive material on a need to know basis must go by 1st Class US Mail. If there is a time line of urgency, the a phone call to the affected party.
        There are some instances where this forum engages in silliness from the foolish to the absurd to downright stupid. That can be a great release mechanism it not carried too far.
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          Sharing Intelligence w/ Other Security Co. Officers.

          The site next door to us has contracted with a different security company. Although management doesn't interact with each other, we do as security officers who share a common interest. What happens at our site could affect them and vice-versa. We try to share information regardless of the company we work for because it's our rear-ends that are at risk, not security management.
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