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I am going to take a bath

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  • I am going to take a bath

    Some of my friends over at SPS site will recall I work at a closed down
    manufacturing site, and problems we have.

    We have a number of sub-pumps that are suppose to pump out water
    in the basement during a rainy day. Note the word suppose to .

    But as we are having a torrential rain storm as we are having today
    in the Boston area, then it is anyone's guess if they will work
    We have had as much as 8 feet of water in the basements

    It is raining at an inch an hour.
    And winds gusting to 60 knots
    Goodbye electrical power.

    I am leaving in about 2 hours to head to work.
    About to jump in the shower
    But why bother?
    I'll just take a dive off the top steps of the stairs leading into
    the basement and take a nice bath in 8 feet of water.
    Oh well said water as it rises may come in contact with
    480 volt circuit breakers

    Wish me luck !!! Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Maybe check the temperature first

    Bring a fishing rod, and dip it in the water when your relief arrives, mutter something about you would not believe the teeth, and walk away.
    Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
    Groucho Marx