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    Make sure when you install a new battery in your car, have the battery
    cables replaced. You can buy the best of the best car batteries, but
    if the cables or connections to the terminals to the battery are cracked
    or lose, your battery is of no good, and your car just won't crank over

    Take this advice from someone who learned the hard way.

    FYI: Live in the Snow Belt as I do {Boston area} where at night
    it may dip to 5 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, replace that
    dang battery. And by the way, have you checked your Prestone
    Anti-Freeze? Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Heh. I know how that one works. Bad connection on an 900 amp battery. The company replaced the battery, but didn't replace the cables. So, on I-275, I was pouring half my Vanilla Coke on the supervisor's battery trying to get the corrosion off the positive lead.

    It worked, at least. And I got my Vanilla coke back.
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      Pssst.. another secret...

      When replacing your battery, and cables, and terminals... Spend the extra couple $$, and get brass terminal fittings from the parts store. Brass doesnt build up corrosion like standard issue terminals!!! I kid you not.. rarely have I ever had a corrosion issue!
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        That is what I got !!! Nissan dealership gave me a choice, I said go with the best. Living in Colorado, I am sure you are aware of the need for a battery
        that can kick over in the most miserable of weather. Greatest Comedy team ever!


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          Ohh yeah.. its nasty, especially being right up against the rockies.. I am not a fan of cold, nor do I want to be sitting in a car that wont start because of it..lOL!
          Deputy Sheriff