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  • How you can help.

    How you can help.
    By: Capt. Don Larimore

    The legal definition of a Gang is a group of individuals who share a common identity and,
    in current usage, engage in illegal activities.
    Normally a "gang" will have a common name, signs, symbols or colors.
    How you can help is to get involved, get involved in your community and get your neighbors involved. Take a stand, show the gang members that you and your neighbors will not stand for their activities. Start a community watch program, and let the gang members see that you and your neighbors will not stand by and let them run your neighborhood.

    Get your local police involved, organize a meeting and invite the police. Ask for assistance in setting up a Community Watch Program. Once you have a community watch program in place, display the signs proudly. Show them off, let the gang members know that they are in a neighborhood that will not tolerate their activities.

    Help one another, if you are going on vacation, inform your watch program. That way they can watch your home, pick up your mail and papers. If the gang members see that each of the neighbors are watching each other and are organized, they will move on.

    Don’t be afraid to report any activities to the local police. If you see gang members breaking the law, report it. Gang members thrive on fear. They grow stronger knowing that the citizens are afraid of them. If you show them that you are not afraid, they will find a new place to hang out.

    Talk to each other, keep in contact with each other and get to know your neighbors. The best way to do that is organize meetings. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Which ever is best for you and your neighbors. Don’t keep the meetings a secret. If you have a local paper, post the meeting in the paper and invite others, put it on the local bulletin board, put up flyers. Show the meeting to the gang members, let them know that your neighbor is organized against their activities. Invite the police to the meetings, ask for advise or tips. Show the police that you and your neighbors are taking an active stand to help them.

    But the biggest thing is safety.
    DO NOT CONFRONT GANG MEMBERS. If you see them breaking the law, call the police. Do not get involved in altercation with them. You have set up a community watch program, NOT a community vigilante program. Let the police get into a confrontation, your role is to WATCH and REPORT any crimes in your neighborhood to the local police.
    Report any criminal activities from a safe distance, do not put yourself in a dangerous situation that may cause you to get hurt or killed.

    When reporting a crime to the police, give the following information, (if possible)

    Number of violators
    Descriptions: Height, weight, color, clothing, sex, age.
    Make/Model/Color/License of vehicle, (if one is used)
    Location of the crime
    What is the crime
    If the violators run, the direction they ran to.

    These are just some basic tips, contact your local police for more information. Most police departments have a community watch program in place and just need people to get involved. So get involved, and become active in your neighborhood.

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    Good post!

    When doing mall security, had to deal with gangs every day, our local police department worked close with us. They talked about the exact things you write about, very helpful with us on dealing with these people daily.