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  • Mapquest

    Since woman and children maybe reading this site, I will not say
    what I really think of Mapquest. Do not go by what they tell you.
    I do a number of details for Securitas outside my post, and sometimes
    have to go to remote posts and sites. I'd rather depend on a folded
    up map from the Shell gas station then the directions that are given

    And for those using GPS. Does GPS tell you there is a bridge closed
    down on Massachusetts State Highway route 36? Nope didn't think

    Sometimes asking the farmer plowing out on his fields is your best answer.

    Just remeber this boys and girls:

    You can't get there from here.
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    Mapquest is notoriously bad. Microsoft Streets and Maps also uses the database that Mapquest uses.

    If you're using GPS, and have a laptop in the vehicle, be prepared to use the GPS reciever to know where you are while you are using the street atlas that you loaded to detour around obstructions and "bridges out."

    I know many states don't have basic map reading as part of their security instruction, but they should. And by basic map reading, that includes "mapquest is nice (except if you're trying to get from France to England, heh...) but bring a map."

    I had mapquest take three of us, in seperate vehicles, all equipped with MS Streets and Maps 2004 and GPS, to BFE in central Florida when we gave it an address in the middle of Tampa.
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      i personally prefer I've always gotten better directions from there, and you can look up road construction on it but it can be a pain in the butt


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        Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.


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          Gotta a quick funny for ya.. PD came in tonight after we called from an arrest we made. The officer, who is awesome and we deal with frequently, cited the subject, with a "must appear" date. The subject asked where the court house was.. The officer responded "Use mapquest, what do I look like, the yellow pages".. Anyways, I knw it not the most hilarious thing we have heard, but as he said that, all that came to mind was the posts here! LOL! Hopefully the subject makes it to court.
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