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    Interesting, could be age discrimination, or that could be a red herring. What is the new supervisor getting paid? What was the old supervisor getting paid? What do you get paid? What would they have to pay you as supervisor? Would it be more than they pay the new kid?

    Age equals experience, but who needs an experienced supervisor as long as you are helping with your experience? The only guard force that needs experienced supervisors is a start up, dysfuntional, or in transition. If I had your talent, experience and training I would be spending my time and energy looking for a job that needs me and would pay me what I'm worth and be fun. I would be doing something positive. Fighting a legal battle is too negative on too many levels.
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      Here is what i feel on age of officers. As long as you can do the job (duty) than i see no problem in a older person being a officer or any other rank. And with you having so much experience I would rather have you as my CO than a young person just fresh out of training. My patrol supervisors ages are various. Some are my age 20's others 30's one is 40 something one is 50 and one is 60 something. They all have great experience. So age i just dont think has anything to do with what you can do. But i will tell you that i have always looked up to older officers who have more experience than me because i can learn things from them. Also they can learn things from younger guys.

      When I took my CCW training 3 of the instructors were retired police officers/Mil. Most of the instructors were retired officers or at least experience in firearms pretty good. But those 3 retired officers taught me things i never even thought about before. I felt really good about chosing target world for my training course. Those veteran ret officers really know what they were talking about. And they also lived through the war stories to prove it.

      Stay Safe All

      And good luck sir with everything. I wish you the best in your duty.


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        I don’t know the laws in your state but here in Canada I was a Grievance Officer for the Canadian Government's Union. I represented people in court before the Canada Labour Board for wrongfully treated and terminated employees.

        If the situation was here there is a very important factor that gets added into the equation. Given your age are you capable of performing the duties of a supervisor? If you have researched the position and you feel you can do every task without fear of self injury (such as a heart attack from running) then you would have a case. First thing I would do is obtain the job outline of the position and then take that job outline to your family doctor. If your doctor feels you can perform all of the tasks have him write you a letter stating such. Take that letter to your HR Representative and ask them why you were excluded from the position due to what you believe is age discrimination.

        If there were other reasons for the college kid getting the job then I'm sure your HR Representative will tell you the reasons which will put your mind more as ease.


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          I very much doubt that the HR could put my mind at ease because that is the person who made the discriminatory remark to the client.
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