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The Voice of Lawful Authority: OBEY (Fast Food Stripping)

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  • The Voice of Lawful Authority: OBEY (Fast Food Stripping)

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    Ladies and Gentleman, we have here someone who has realized the obvious: When you use cookie cutter training, making everyone dehumanized and inable to think for themselves, anyone with the apperance of official authority will eventually find some mentally challenged (There is no other words I can use for this mentality) person who will obey without question whatever you tell them.

    These two, in this story and accompanying video, remind me of German Army personnel who obeyed the Nazi party and their commanders without question, then tried ot use "I was only following orders" as a defense.

    We all know that a police officer cannot order you to perform oral sex on someone. However, being young and neive, exposed to a dehumanizing envirornment with authority figures (Yes, even your boss at McDonalds is an authority figure) constantly issuing orders you are trained to obey, the girl complied with the order. And, of course, the fiancee wasn't complaining - he was in control of an 18 year old woman and was instructed to have her perform a gratifying act.

    This is the type of mentality we must be on guard for, because these are the kinds of individuals who will get us all in the newspaper. You notice how much flak Correction Company of America is taking.

    Due note a few things, though. The defendant making the calls was a reserve deputy sheriff, so his having "police equipment, police magazines, and training manuals" is normal. Right now, if the police raided my apartment, they'd find police training manuals, a full police duty belt with weapon, and several complementary copies of Police Magazine, Law Enforcement Technology (A Cygnus Publication), and Security Dealer. Again, media bias to make the public believe the "impersonating a police officer" charge more. There dosen't need more, however, as witnesses said he identified himself as a police officer.

    People like the two in the story are the kind who would probally go...
    "Kill her. Now. Shoot her."
    "DO IT NOW."
    Some Kind of Commando Leader

    "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law