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Guard throws away dead body - thinks its a mannequin.

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  • Guard throws away dead body - thinks its a mannequin.

    I guess it could happen not all of us are fortunate to have the experience and training as well as unfortunate involvement of dealing with deceased people and animals.
    My views, opinions and statements are my own. They are not of my company, affiliates or coworkers.

    -Being bagger at Publix has more respect these days

    -It's just a job kid deal with it

    -The industry needs to do one of two things; stop fiddling with the thin line and go forward or go back to that way it was. A flashlight in one hand and your set of keys in the other

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    I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing that it could happen to anyone, for either of those stories.

    First, an elderly woman who jumped from the 16th floor, there would be some trauma to the body, maybe not a pool of blood, but some trauma. And the body in the garage, you would think the smell alone would be a tip off.

    Maybe security companies need to hire better people; ones who aren't so obtuse that the first thing they think of when they see a human shape lying around is "oh a mannequin got left here"


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      Guard Throws Away Dead Body - Thinks Its A Mannequin.

      Although I didn't throw the body away, this does remind me of a call I went on in many years ago. I was a 19 year old patrol officer in a very small town. The sheriff's office dispatched us and I got a call to check out a suspicious circumstance at XXX Lincoln Avenue. When I drove to the area, I realized that the address didn't exist. If it did exist, it would have been the lake access. Anyway, I parked the squad and the ride-along and I walk out on the dock because we see a figure in the water. It was dark out, so I could only make it out so well with the Kel-Lite that I carried back then. When I got closer it appeared to be a mannequin, face down, in the water. My immediate reaction was that some kids in town were "pranking the cop" and wanted to get a laugh out of this. I grabbed the hair and pulled up to look at the face and then realized I was looking at a person and she was looking back at me. She was still alive, but was trying to get the nerve to drown herself. My ride along, who had just been discharged from the Air Force, was stunned. I had to tell him a couple of times that I needed help getting the woman to the squad car. Rather than bother with the ambulance, I simply drove her a few blocks to the hospital. It turns out that the staff at the hospital we very familiar with her because of prior suicide attempts!


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        One would think that a mannequin would weigh a little less and move a little differently than a dead body...




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