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C-tec closing leaves guards unemployeed

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  • 1stWatch
    I seem to remember a company by that name who used to dispatch alarms to the company I worked for in 2003. I would dread when they called because the people we had to speak to were really incompetent. I'm not sure if those were the same people though.

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  • EMTGuard
    started a topic C-tec closing leaves guards unemployeed

    C-tec closing leaves guards unemployeed

    C-Tec closing leaves guards unemployed
    Close to a hundred local security guards are out of a job after the offices of C-Tec Security Consultant Incorporated left them out in the cold. After the corporation went out of business, their former employees were left without a paycheck and vital services necessary to find new employment.

    Link to video-

    Take a look at the news video at the link. Basically close to a hundred guards went to the offices after their paychecks bounced only to find the doors locked and a letter telling them the company was shut down.
    C-tec was a subcontractor of another company which had FEMA contracts in the New Orleans. According to the State Board which oversees Private security in Louisiana, C-Tec was not a licensed security company.