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C-tec closing leaves guards unemployeed

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  • C-tec closing leaves guards unemployeed

    C-Tec closing leaves guards unemployed
    Close to a hundred local security guards are out of a job after the offices of C-Tec Security Consultant Incorporated left them out in the cold. After the corporation went out of business, their former employees were left without a paycheck and vital services necessary to find new employment.

    Link to video-

    Take a look at the news video at the link. Basically close to a hundred guards went to the offices after their paychecks bounced only to find the doors locked and a letter telling them the company was shut down.
    C-tec was a subcontractor of another company which had FEMA contracts in the New Orleans. According to the State Board which oversees Private security in Louisiana, C-Tec was not a licensed security company.
    Hospital Security Officer

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    I seem to remember a company by that name who used to dispatch alarms to the company I worked for in 2003. I would dread when they called because the people we had to speak to were really incompetent. I'm not sure if those were the same people though.
    "We appreciate all the hard work you've done, the dedicated hours you have worked, and the lives you have saved. However, since this is your third time being late to work, we are terminating your employment here."