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  • Anyone sell alarm before

    Has anyone been involved with security system / alarm sales? Just want some background as I might try it part time later this year.
    Saw an ad recently from ADT looking for sales people.
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    Not sure about ADT...

    I did it for about 3 weeks years ago, for a smaller local company. They booked appointments, (3 per day), and sent us out to make the pitch..

    No base salary, no fuel compensation, just pure commission... On top of that, they claimed when they hired me that they didn't book appointments more than 1 hour's travel time from the office... All but ONE of my appointments were 2-3 hours from there, even as far out as the OR coast.. (Office was in Portland, OR)

    With no fuel compensation, this made things... difficult... To say the least.

    If ADT gives a base salary, or compensates fuel or something, it probably wouldn't be too bad. But make sure they stick to any promises they make you.
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    BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
    Shoulda called in sick.
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