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    Hello Everyone,

    I just posted an introduction in the introductions section, check it out for my background info. I recently attended a 2 day GANG SURVIVAL seminar here in the town that I work. About 250-300 cops attended and it was very informative. I wanted to make a post regarding the professionalism of the security guards that were tasked with guarding all of our P.O.V.'s in the parking lot of the facility it was hosted at. The company was Nacional Security Agency. I must say that all of their guards were very squared away from the way they wore their uniforms, to the way they were groomed, to the way they conducted themselves. I must admit that for a very long time I was one of those people that that when you mentioned the words "security guard" the picture of a bumbling flashlight cop entered my mind. But since lurking on these forums, having some positive encounters with some very professional guards, to my experience this week, my opinion of private security has changed.

    I would like to thank all of you that take pride in your choice of career and conduct yourselves with the professionalism expected of those charged with safeguarding people and property.

    I realize that much like in law enforcement, the image of the security industry is tarnished by the few morons that give everone a black eye. Anyhow, stay safe. If anyone has any questions for me please feel free to ask.

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    Thanks! You realize however that you have made it difficult for us to do our jobs today. Our heads will be so swollen with pride that we won't fit through the doorways
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      I have a handy vise in my garage. If you put your head between I can close it and pop it like a pimple!


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        Thanks for the encouraging words.
        Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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          Many Security people today are better trained because of the huge number of classes / programs available and more expectation from the courts / clients. It is still not to an organized basic standard, maybe one day...

          The International Foundation for Protection Officers, ASIS International, this forum and quality individuals are making a difference, now if Hollywood would only help.
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