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9-11 5 years later (my thoughts)

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  • 9-11 5 years later (my thoughts)

    Tonight, 10Sept, the film that was shot by the two
    French brothers about the FDNY will air again at 8PM.
    This time the main guys the crew filmed are going to be
    interviewed about how the job, their lives and emotions have been changed
    since that fateful day five years ago.

    I for one am going to watch it. You might say why drag up those memories....
    Why not?

    We must remember what happened.
    We as a nation were attacked by soldiers of a foreign army.
    What army? The army of Islam, the army of hate, jealousy, of terror.
    We were attacked on multiple fronts with only one target being the military
    the others were civilian targets and if those brave souls aboard Flight 93 had
    not fought back the fourth target would have been either the
    White House or our nations Capitol Building.

    At the Pentagon our military members there as well as the civilian
    employees fought for their lives often giving them up to save another.
    The pilots of the F-16s scrambled to intercept Flight 93 were willing to ram the plane with theirs as a means to stop the carnage. I thank God they did not have to.

    At the Twin Towers of the WTC people also fought desperate battles for survival. Most won but many, too many lost.

    As those survivors made their way out our Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY, NYPD and PAPD made their way in. Most knew that some of them would not return but they went anyway. Why?
    Every Fireman, Cop, or EMS provider knows the answer to is what we do...that is who we are.
    343 FDNY along with many Cops and EMS did not come out again. Almost 2000..yes TWO-THOUSAND others did not make it either.
    For them let us not forget.

    As I write this our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines are taking the fight to the homelands of these pricks. The men and women of our Armed Forces are making sacrifices every day to help protect us. Many are dying in the attempt.
    For them let us not forget.

    Because if those bastards have their way it will happen again, let us not forget.

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    What scares me the most is that it now seems that some of these humans ? a not from far away countries. People living amongst us are being brain washed & joining them. This scares me.
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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      Abraham Bin Benjamin, or Williams. I'd have to look it up. The new cell of Al Quaeda in Europe and the US. The Sleeper Cell.

      Don't forget, folks, over 30 security officers died in 9-11, protecting people and getting them to safety. Oh, wait... Nobody remembered them. Even when the Governor of New York made a proclimation honoring them, the Media didn't bother covering it.

      After all, they were just a bunch of security guards.
      Some Kind of Commando Leader

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        Security Officers, the true first responders.
        Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
        Groucho Marx


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          Originally posted by Eric
          Security Officers, the true first responders.
          Eric I've been pushing this idea for years now My off duty baseball hat has Premier Repondant/First Responder with lapel pins of the Poilce, Fire & Ambulance services on it.

          It doesn't fly with Observe & Report type security however
          I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
          Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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            Before moving to Houston, I lived in New Jersey and worked in NYC for many years. 9/11 hit very close to home. I lost a very good friend and several acquaintences. In addition, a very close friend worked for Canter Fitzgerald for years, got into an argument with one of the principles and quit two weeks earlier. His wife was so mad at him, until 9/11. It was 7:50a and I was standing by the back door with my briefcase in my hand waiting for my kids to get in the car so I could drop them off at school on my way to work. A friend called and told us to turn on the TV. I stood their motionless untill the first tower came down. At that point, I sat down.

            In 1970, I worked for RCA Corporation as a tax accountant. The NYS Dept. of Revenue was one of the first tenants of the WTC. I was speaking to an auditor on the phone and he remarked that he could feel his building moving in the strong wind. It freaked him out. Since then, I was either in those buildings, or walking in their shadow 100 times. Now, when you fly into Newark and look down, it's not the Manhattan I remember! God bless us all!
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