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TSA just a $60 billion total failure.

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  • TSA just a $60 billion total failure.

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    As apposed to the terrible security in place before using private companies with no recourse..?


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      Excellent post, Squid. I've been a critic of TSA for years on this forum & others. The joke in all of this is many of those private guards that were so terrible simply re-applied and became TSA officers.

      While intentions at the time may have been good, everything in this article is on point - TSA is a bloated waste of taxpayer money looking for a mission and justification. They now want to expand to the rail system in this country - thankfully the rail companies have their own trained private police who could run circles around TSA.

      If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd say TSA is mostly just a big psy op to see how much John Q. Public will put up with in the name of "security" - stop & frisk w/ no reasonable suspicion? Check. X-ray and radiation exposure in the name of "safety" - Check. Ridiculous random restrictions imposed and justified with reports of vague threats? Check.


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        At no time do you have to go through any security procedures. Just don't fly. You seem to fail to realize that when you purchase a ticket, you MUST abide by the security procedures in place. You have the right to decline, just don't expect to fly.
        TSA does have the authority to work in the rail road and bus venues, ever since they were created. This is not new. The VIPR teams have deployed many times during higher threat levels.
        There is no radiation/ exposure to x rays to the public. That's false science.
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          US Constitution provides for free travel between any states ,that doesn't mean the Feds must provide the stage coach or airliner, it just means they can't stop people from traveling on 'common carriers'. "Free Travel" doesn't mean "free only if you comply with any and everything we come up with on the fly" even showing ID, it means the Feds can "look but not touch". It wouldn't mean "but if the airport uses any Fed funds then Feds can require TSA", it would tend to mean the opposite in that any Fed funded airport should be more required to allow total freedom of interstate travel.

          Fact is the Feds would and could do all they needed to do, and do a much better job, if they were restricted to their proper Constitutional role in interstate travel, which for airports would mean they would be allowed on the property like any other member of the public, and could buy tickets as well. That would have them all switching from looking through grandma's underwear suitcase and looking for actual terrorists. Most large airlines would probably be OK with a "Fed" REQUESTING they not take a certain passenger, or have the ticket counter make a last minute "mistake" or bumping a paying fare so a "Fed" can sit next to a 'suspect', as long as it was rare enough not to effect profits.

          Then again, I'm for letting any private business "discriminate" against whoever they wish, including putting out 'policy' that they wont serve members of certain groups. (along with that the Govt shouldn't be in the biz of 'partnering' with private biz, so it wouldn't be a valid case of "but my TAXES went to this biz that won't serve me")

          Almost everything been done in USA today with TSA, DHS etc is directly lifted from old USSR.

          Who believes that the political machine of the USSR/Warsaw Pact, with is various overseas holdings and operations built up over 50+ years of being at least the "#2" power on the planet would just one year decide to 'call it a day' and give it all up without any major civil war or anything?

          People talk about post WW2 Nazi "underground Reich" stuff, which I'm sure is partly true just because even when losing Germany would still be able to stash cash around the globe, but the "underground Soviet" would be 1,000X more, at least, and unlike the Nazis, the Communists didn't have ANY of their leadership arrested, much less sought after or executed.

          Things seem to have gotten very mixed up and bassackwards. I've heard that police DUI checkpoints were being legally challenged because their checks for DLs and even valid tags were catching too many illegal aliens with unregistered cars using stolen tags, and since most of the illegals were of a certain race, "Hispanic"(not actually a 'race' even) that was 'unconstitutional'. I'll say one thing about those (IMO unconstitutional in general) DUI least the cops ONLY do them when it isn't any significant delay for travelers.
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            If you plan on flying and I will use Boston on a Saturday morning, and your flight is from
            Boston to Phoenix, better plan on arriving at the airport at least two hours before the
            departure of your flight

            Flight leaves 0615, at Boston Logan International airport. My wife
            and I called for a taxi for pickup at our home at 0300 hours. Arrive
            at airport at 0345. We did much premature baggage, and ourselves
            check in at home for US AIR airlines

            At 0400 began the long line of the TSA. Boys and girls, note the time
            0400 hours on a Saturday morning. One very slow line. About 0430, some
            upper crest director at the TSA decided it would be a good idea to
            open a second TSA line. 0400-0500 an hour of the TSA, we were finally
            at the US Air terminal, and await for our flight to Phoenix

            Oh BTW: You know those Gray bins you are suppose to place
            your belt, wallet, watch in the Gray bin. I did. I walked away,
            and my Eagle eye wife asked "where is your black carry brief case?"
            I almost forgot it

            My wife, and I do fly about twice a year to Phoenix, and Houston
            What do we do with TSA?
            Nothing. Some TSA Security Officer wants to do a rectal cavity
            search on old Copie. the pleasure is all theirs. I smile, and yes
            Sir, or no Ma'am. Take picture, go on Facebook with my butt high in the air, not a problem
            No not waving the White Flag, just getting in and out of TSA

            BTW: Interesting factor happened to my wife and I this October at Phoenix Sky Harbor
            on our flight to Boston. TSA agent check our paper work, whisked us past several
            check points, no taking shoes off, or leaving things in Gray baskets, and we are off
            and running. We ain't nobody. But we must be good people
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              Originally posted by copelandamuffy View Post
              Oh BTW: You know those Gray bins you are suppose to place
              your belt, wallet, watch in the Gray bin. I did. I walked away,
              and my Eagle eye wife asked "where is your black carry brief case?"
              I almost forgot it
              I did that at Port Columbus, only with my belt going to our honeymoon. It wasnt until we got to our layover at Charlotte that I realized my belt was

              Now, Aduana México (Mexican Customs) really ticked me off. I placed my stuff in the bin and the bin somehow grew legs and ended up 2 lines over while on our way back in Cancun. I was trying to talk to the guy as he rifled through our bags and he kept ignoring me. I literally had to get loud and in his face to ask where my stuff was to get his attention. Suddenly it was brought over with all my stuff still inside.
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                The Govt took the (BDO's) Behavior Detection Officers and placed them as Lead Security Officers because it's the same pay band, and placed a hold on hiring new officers until they need to replace them due to a promotion and or retirement. That's all.
                Pop Pop - It reminds me of an old statement by my Master Sergeant. "A Good Run is better then a Bad Stand".

                Sec Trainer- Pop Pop: Hope you don't mind if I quote your Master Sergeant. He was a very smart man.

                Pop Pop- Yes Sir, Thank you Senior Instructor Sec Trainer, hope you don't mind if I place your quote into my Signature?

                Sec Trainer- Permission granted, recruit. Now, police the company area!

                flat out cool..


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                  On the one hand, there are very small real guns that bad guys conceal. On the other hand, I'm not sure a bullet fom this size gun (if it were real) would do much except give you a nasty infection....




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