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Off Duty Texas Security Guard Shoots Car Thief

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    Amusingly enough, I had one of those. I liked the Crossman better.
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      I also see some amusing comments in regard to the state of Texas, especially the part about it being "backwoods". Please let me assure you that Houston is not "backwoods" by any stretch of the imagination. It has a population of nearly two million and those statistics are reflected here:

      What seems to be vexing some people about this state is that um, gee, how could a court consider proactive action taken by a private citizen to be legal? Maybe he should have stopped chasing the guy who was stealing his vehicle. Maybe a lot of things should have or have not happened.

      One thing that is no secret about this state, that which I find to be quite remarkable, is that we have a majority population that is right-wing in its thinking. If the Liberal vs. Conservative debate arises, which it does every single day here, and people are polled about what their values and political beliefs are, they do not only tend to be Conservative, but the Republican party does not seem to be Conservative enough for us. Indeed, if there was a far right-wing Nationalist party to arise in this nation I believe at least 60% of my state and 90% of our military, police, and firefighters would join it pretty quickly.

      One strong belief of the Conservative mind is support of the Second Amendment of the United States. This guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms and to form a militia. The text is here:

      I keep posting links to this stuff because 80% of people out there love to debate about what they believe, but don't have the factual information to support their claim.

      Each state of the Union has its own constitution and laws that are based upon, but not necessarily equivalent to, the United States Constitution. This is to say that each state is kind of like an individualized country, but each state's governing body does have to answer to the federal government's governing body. Within each state is written pretty similar criminal laws. Most of the definitions of crime are the same, but may be worded differently. Each has specific legal guidelines.

      Texas has laws that are pretty empowering for citizens when it comes to protection of their own property. It does give citizens the authority to detain and arrest for certain crimes they witness. It provides justification, not necessarily authorization, for the use of force while protecting life and property. Those laws are listed here:
      Use of force:
      Basic laws of arrest:

      These laws do not replace the authority or function of police here. Those laws are designed for individuals to be able to protect themselves and their property. It does not make a requirement to back down at any time. However, when it comes to enforcing all the laws, that is the job of a police officer. Who is going to come to a person's aid if that person is incapable of protecting himself? Who is going to go inside someone's home when the husband is beating the hell out of the wife? A police officer, that's who. Not the neighbor from down the street.

      Within the basis of justification comes the concept of due process. This is a vital thing to remember when considering any deadly force encounter. Any time someone kills another person, he must appear before a grand jury and the facts of the law and the facts of the case and testimonies are heard. Due process is required by the Fifth Amendment of the federal constitution. This is the system of checks and balances that keeps the public in line with the law. The man who shot the car thief will have to receive a referral to the grand jury of the state. It will most likely be arduous. According to what I've seen in the story though, it looks like his case is pretty good.

      The thing about due process here is that, unlike a lot of other states, our courts are not overrun by Liberals. In this day and age we do not have traditional Conservative vs. Liberal politics. What we have is a globalist type of Conservative and a Socialist/Communist type of Liberal that has replaced the traditional type. There are certain Liberals in power who have very strong political lobbies that are shaping the future of this nation and it is looking bleak. They fight against many of our rights of protection, tooth and nail.

      One of those ideas embraced by the Liberals is "gun control". According to the Liberal, the gun is an evil thing that cannot be entrusted to be held by the people. According to some of them, if you take guns away from society then you take away violent crime from society. Also according to them, bad guys are just victims of psychological distress and if you're confronted by Mr. Bad Guy then just go ahead and give him what he wants and he'll go away. It's just property. That mode of thinking is what empowered terrorists to take over three airplanes with nothing in hand but two box cutters and no one was there or was prepared to stop them. It reminds me a lot of that movie made about the Stephen King novel, The Storm of the Century. "Give me what I want and I'll go away" is what the villian of the story kept telling the people as he wreaked mayhem on the town. In the end, he turned out to be the devil and he walked away with the Constable's son.

      Now, compare that to how we think here and you'll see an opposing sentiment from gun owners, which is the same of what Charlton Heston once said. "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands." Along with that sentiment comes that of responsibility. The idea that people should be charged with crimes just because they took action is ridiculous to us. By the same notion, sentences tend to be pretty stiff for those who brandish weapons in a reckless or criminal manner, such as those who would fire upon another on the roadway over road rage or those who would threaten or shoot children at school.

      In the end, only a fair trial will decide. Somehow I doubt that trial will be stacked against this person though.
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        Originally posted by 1stWatch
        I also see some amusing comments in regard to the state of Texas, especially the part about it being "backwoods". Please let me assure you that Houston is not "backwoods" by any stretch of the imagination. It has a population of nearly two million and those statistics are reflected here:
        Don't forget to shout out about the ole home town.

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        houston is a bigger individual city, but the Dallas Metro Area is waaayyyyy bigger....
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