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    I am moving next week from my home in Newfoundland to a little town of 600 near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (my wife, a teacher, will make about 4 times what I do here, so I'm going too, if for nothing else than the great fishing and hunting).

    At first I was fairly scared to death that I would have nothing to do up there in a town of only 600 people (about 500 are natives). But in talking with several people it seems my 11 years in security are very valuable.

    It seems that I may be tasked to look after the town lockup on certain days and nights of the week, and I've been told that the diamond mines further north have a high turnover. As best I can figure, security in the mines is good for $30/hr (3x my current salary) and you work 12 hours a day for 14 days, with two weeks on, two weeks off.

    The problem is that the companies' web sites, at least from a employment oppurtunity point of view, are poorly designed. I can't tell what's what. One site even provides a link to submit a resume, but offers absolutely no information on the job.

    Can anyone offer any advice here? Perhaps somebody with experience in a high-value mine can help. Maybe someone knows a better site, one with decent descriptions of work. Anything would help.

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    In my younger years, I started out and worked a Coal Mine..

    Its not mentally or physically tasking work, other than keeping your eyes open. You are the safety and access officer, which you keep an eye open for safety issues or concerns. Traffic isnt very high, so not a lot of people contact, and you will conduct searches of persons and vehicles, as product isnt to leave site.
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