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Wilmington Housing Hires Contract Security Companies

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  • Wilmington Housing Hires Contract Security Companies

    Wilmington, DE:
    The Wilmington Housing Authority met with five security companies to discuss a contract for security at six high rise buildings. The advantages and problematics of the contract were described in the ad from Delaware Online. It mentioned in the ad that the WHA currently uses unlicensed and uninsured temp agency workers for security, which violates state law and could result in fines of $500 and a year in prison.

    I have heard vague mention before of temp agencies trying to staff security positions without proper regulation. Has anybody else heard of this? I'm sure the problems with that run deep.
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    A temp company in Montreal set up a security agency to get around this. I can't remember which temp company it was but they called their security division Grant Security Services. It no longer exists.
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      Yeah, the facility I was a Security Manager for used Adecco to staff almost all of the warehouse positions. When the Adecco manager found out I was shopping around for a contract security company she wanted me to hire Adecco.

      When I asked her if Adecco was licensed as a Private Patrol Operator in California she said no because Adecco was a temp agency therefore they did not have to be licensed. That is false; any company that offers private security guards on a contract basis in California must hold a valid Private Patrol Operator's license issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.


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        Thankfully I've never seen this. Wisconsin's laws concerning security give their state licensing board broad powers. They could fine, impose jail, you name it.
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