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  • Attn:escaped Convict!!!!

    Inmate escapes in Mineral Wells


    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    Harvey William Veal escaped from custody in Mineral Wells on Thursday

    A 43-year-old man awaiting parole escaped from custody in Mineral Wells
    last night, officials said.

    Harvey William Veal, who has a criminal past in Tarrant County, was
    noticed missing about 9 p.m. Thursday at the Mineral Wells PreParole
    Transfer Facility, said Michelle Lyons, spokeswoman for the Texas
    Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville.

    Veal was serving a four-year sentence for illegal possession of a
    firearm and he was about to be paroled, which is why he was at the
    Mineral Wells facility, Lyons said.

    "That's why it's so surprising to have an escape like that," Lyons said.
    "Our main thing now is to bring him back into custody.

    "Once that happens, a serious incident review team will determine how he
    was able to breach security."

    The Mineral Wells facility is owned by TDCJ, but it's operated under
    contract by Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America. It is
    one of two pre-parole units in the state; the other is in Bridgeport.

    Veal has been in and out of the state prison system and has been
    convicted of burglary of a building, forgery and unauthorized use of
    vehicle, Lyons said.

    As a convicted felon, he was barred from possessing a firearm, Lyons
    added, but he was caught with one in May 2005 in Tarrant County, which
    sent him back to prison.

    Veal has brown hair and brown eyes, Lyons said, although his prison mug
    shot shows him with a buzz cut. She added that he's about
    5-feet-7-inches tall and weighs about 137 pounds.

    "If anyone thinks they saw this individual, they should call their local
    law enforcement agency and don't try to confront him," Lyons said. ``Now
    that he has escaped, we would certainly believe he would do whatever it
    takes to avoid capture, and he should be considered dangerous."

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    2 Things:

    1) WTH He was being paroled

    2) Is anyone surprised that it was CCA that was in charge??


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      Info on my unit

      Originally posted by GCMC Security
      Is anyone surprised that it was CCA that was in charge??

      Keep going.....

      Here ya go, click on the link......

      CCA aint no different than the state, they have escapes too. What do they say when one escapes from the state run?
      Is anyone surprised that it was TDCJ that was in charge??
      Private State Jails
      There are currently five privately operated state jails under the oversight of the Correctional Institutions Division-Private Facilities. States Jails may house state jail felons, as well as transfer offenders from the Correctional Institutions Division. Standards of service for all state jail facilities, whether they are state or vendor operated, are the same.
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        Here CCA is a lot worse than the state, or at least in Bay county where I was at, lots of issues with improperly trained staff, improper staffing, and basically giving there people the shaft.

        I had an officer that worked for me that was fired after he was held hostage during a riot. He was working on the medical wing, by himself never trained in that section. CCA Policy (maybe state not sure) says that 2 officers will work that floor at all times and they will be trained there. There was a cell that did not lock and the company hadn't had it fixed in months, yet they put a very large and violent inmate in there. Turned out ugly, Sheriff's Dept SWAT was called out, they shot a nurse, she sued my buddy sued people got rich out of the deal. But CCAs Contract was renewed last year (I wonder if it's because they said they'd build a new jail )

        I agree everyone has escapes but like I said I'm just used to CCA down here where they have all sorts of issues. Maybe they are better in TX but here they are no better than the tons of WBS companies we discuss every day


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          Looks like a real nice guy.
          Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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            Originally posted by GCMC Security
            Maybe they are better in TX but here they are no better than the tons of WBS companies we discuss every day
            Texas is strict on Private Corrections, so we have to be better. They hold us on a higher standard than they hold themselves. So we tend to try to be better than state run facilities.