For airport security personnel/management specifically:

I am a Pratt Institute Masters student working on a thesis on airport security. My hypothesis concerns how to assuage passenger anxieties within the airport environment through environmental design. I hope you won't mind assisting me with a few questions I have been pondering. I would be happy to give you a credit in the paper send you a copy to review when it is completed by next December.

I listed some questions to start off below, but feel free to mention anything else that seems relevant. What is the general attitude of passengers going through the security checkpoint? How smoothly does the day run, especially during the heavy travel season but also on the average? What steps are usually taken towards the comfort of passengers going through the security checkpoint, or are the concerns mainly based in maintaining a sterile environment? Do you know of any airports/airlines that do a superior job of placating its passengers? Are there any psychological (or other) reports I should be aware of? Are there any improvements that would make you more comfortable in the workplace that have yet to be implemented?

Thank you,