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    One of my favorite Scanner Land stories...

    A long time ago a Trooper I knew resonded to back a county guy up on a Domestic Distubrance call. This was in the day before cell phones and such, anyhooo. The Trooper advised his dispatch that he was going to give the female a ride to her parent's house, the female was distraught didn't know the numbers just that they were headed to "Pine Street" he would advise of the number upon his arrival. This was given out over the air in Trooper speak (12 Codes). Upon his arrival the Trooper anounced his arrival, gave dispatch his mileage and advised the numbers were obscured and he would advise of them when he got out and saw them. As he was dong this the front door of the house swung open and the dad screamed out; "123 Pine St.!!!!"

    Use all the codes you want kids, if people want to 'know' them they will...

    I fully understand the concept of using codes, but if you don't the guy yor dealing with to know he's listed in your company's Bad Guy file, just get a good Otto earpiece and no one will hear but you.
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