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"Office Space" (yours, not the movie)

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  • "Office Space" (yours, not the movie)

    Looking for stories to make me feel better...we're having an office renovation, and the security desk has now become an extension of the store room. Mind you, I've actually had an office in the store room in a basement once, but at least it was heated. (You just had to put up with the maintenance guys reaching over your head to get parts as you wrote your reports at the desk.)

    When I was patrolman my "office" was my car. (At least I knew where everything was, except for that bag of Skittles I lost under the seat.) So...anybody have a "most unusual place they stuck the security desk / office" story?

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    We have a rather large office at my downtown hotel. There's an inner office for the Director except we have not had a Director in almost 18 years. ( I report to the Director of Security for the company that manages the hotel). The Director's office was used by the Receiver/Mini Bar Attendant when she saw a little mouse in her office at the receiving door! (Her post was cut recently so the office is unused again).

    My complaint these days is since we are not there 24 hours a day others (Maintenance/Housekeeping) have access to our office to get keys etc.

    One of my airport hotels has a small office. The one next door has a closet but since we are there only at night we use the secretaries desk nearby.
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      I had a desk once just outside the containment building of a nuclear reactor. One day, while having a conversation with my wife, this came out and her instant reply was, "that sure does explain alot."
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        So far I've been pretty positively impressed with the "office space" we get.

        Most of the sites I work at have monitoring rooms which are set up a bit office-like in certain cases and in certain cases the rooms resemble some sorts of store rooms or something. I'm pretty okay with these various set-ups I've had, since all of the sites have had computers with internet connections to pass the time in.

        I've heard of some crappy "office spaces" too, if you will. This guy I knew had to do his shift at a very small ticket selling booth-type of a shack. Even during the winters.

        He was guarding some sort of a factory.


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          Working a state contract via 2nd party. Lucky to have a folding chair and a TV dinner tray for the SORs. That's about to go to, with about 150 of us. Thank you Gov Scott!
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