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    I had a s/o start with us, mid 40's, nice guy. not too bright. I had just taken over a shift and I asked the officer I was leaving where the new guy was...cause he was supposed to be turning over his equipment and keys etc. to the officer working with me...she said she hadn't seen him for like an hour. So I called on the radio for u-2...he was answer. A few mins went by he hadn't come to the office or responded so I called answer. It just happened I looked outside and saw him across the road going into our amenities building so I headed across the road and went in to find him walking around and looking at the radio like it was the most novel thing he had ever seen....I asked if he heard when I radioed or if his battery had went dead...he said no he couldn't couldn't figure out how to respond and he was trying to get a signal.I was like what. HUH. This is the same guy that decided he wanted to take his breaks in the owners theater and watch the game...the owners didn't like that too well.
    We had one s/o would do bathroom checks at like 2 in the afternoon and on one of her daily logs she put one time that guest reported to her that they had lost a cart full of merchants. Which would mean some guest couldn't find a cart loaded with people?