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Guard Shoots Man During Argument

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  • Guard Shoots Man During Argument

    New Orleans, LA:
    According to this, a security guard at a bank in New Orleans got into an argument with another man at the location and they got into an argument about whose military service was more veracious. The argument escalated into a pushing match and then a shooting.

    What were those men thinking? Well you know what they say youth comes only once but immaturity can be infinite.
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    Crimes like this have got to stop. Someone should do something. Shotings and killing are out of control. The mayor should insist on having the National Guard deployed to protect the city RIGHT NOW!

    Oh, that's right. He already did. So sorry.

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      where did the other thread dealing with this get to?


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        Originally posted by kingsman
        where did the other thread dealing with this get to?
        Nowhere. Literally. This is a backup copy of the database, all those posts are gone.
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