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What do you want from a security company?

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  • What do you want from a security company?

    In researching needs and wants, I ask these questions from former, current, and prospective security officers and security guards, armed and unarmed.

    1. What do you want from a security company that employs you, or would employ you?
    2. What do you need to do your job?
    3. What do you expect your job to be?

    I have a few more questions, but these aren't what you want, its will you do?

    4. If offered, would you take company training in defensive tactics, impact weapon, OC, and handcuffing? Even if unarmed?
    5. Would you feel comfortable doing your reports on a computer, on site or in a patrol vehicle?
    6. Would you feel comfortable with a user-controlled dash cam in your patrol vehicle?
    7. Would you feel comfortable being issued a Nextel or other radio that had GPS locate feature? If it were used to locate you in an emergency? If it were used to verify you were on post when going on duty?
    8. Would you, if armed, perfer to buy your own duty gear from an approved list, or have the company furnish it with an upkeep deduction? The deduction would be $1.50 to $5.00 dollars per check, and when the cost of the duty gear is paid off, you stop paying, and keep the gear. Otherwise, all of it comes back to the company in good condition, ready to be reissued. (This would include duty weapon, armor, 2 sets of uniforms, outerwear, and duty gear.)

    and finally...

    9. If you were given opportunities to grain professional knowledge and "professional development," would you take them if it meant having to learn material or do more than just show up on a post and work 8 hours?
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    ok here are my answers.
    1. I expect that the company will provide competitive pay. Also i would want them to provide an extra training they expect me to get. I also expect them to stand behind me when i am right and not hang me out to dry if something happens.
    2. I feel to do my job i need the following. A vest, Proper Training, Communications, Respect from the agency and the nessecary gear for the job i am expected to carry out.
    3. Well first i expect to enjoy my job. I expect to recieve respect from the clients and not be restricted in carring out my job (such as not being able to make arrests with out approval).
    4. Yes. I would take the training even if i dont need it. That means later on if we get the stuff all you have to do is issue it. you wouldnt have to spend time training officers and stuff.
    5. Yes actually i would prefer it. Doing reports this way keeps you out in the field and available for calls. You wouldnt have to leave your beat or stay over to finish a report.
    6. Yes actually i would prefer it. This way you are provided with solid evidence in court to back u up.
    7. Yes. You should be able to verify that we are where we say. Also this priovides like a tour trazx system. If a customer wants to know where ur unit was when such event happened you can show them.
    8. If you keep all your ghear in the end yes. But allow your officers to not pay for what they already own. My company takes out the money wether or not you already own it. But you have to turn in your gear when you leave. I own pretty much all my own stuff so i just keep theres in my closet.
    9. Yes but i would have to be paid to attend the training.

    Where are you opening your company if our looking for a good officer let me know. I plan on getting out of the military nest year and need a good paying job maybe in security.
    Here endith the lesson


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      4 - Not necessary for corporate security. Would not accept employment that required the use of pepper spray, baton, etc. Otherwise, you may find that you brought a 'knife to a gunfight.' Hundreds of police officers are killed every year and they have the training, equipment, and back-up.

      9 - Have already completed 30 hours of additional training and supervised testing besides the basic training for the state license. I did it because I like security and safety.
      Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)