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Got hired by PerMar, having problems getting assigned

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    I could go on a tirade, taking up a lot of space, but I will cut to the chase: Tell that company to shove it, and look for something better! I worked for Per Mar for nearly 4 years in Des Moines, giving it all I had. All I got for all of that was to be viciously dropped on my head by an incompetant Area Manager. That company does not appreciate someone with any potential in the least. All they care about is big profit margins, and to hell with those who make the money for them(unless you're that Area Manager's stuck-up, sniveling, snotty, anti social, spoiled rotten brat of a daughter!!).

    BTW: That Area Manager is history, but I'm afraid that company hasn't gotten any better. Much worse, I'm afraid.

    My advice? See if Mercy or IMMC could use you. Better pay, and I think you'd be happier there. Don't bother with Prairie Meadows- they're a joke.
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