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  • Lack of professionalism

    I’m looking for thoughts or advice on writing a couple of proposals: one dealing with chain of command, i.e. shift supervisors and site supervisors; and the second with radio procedures.
    Any help would be great.
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    How many officers do you have a shift? That will make a difference in your chain of command, make sure when you make it, it goes all the way to the top ie director, coo, ceo so on. If you are contract I would do to chains. One for the hospital and one for your contract company. This way they know who they work for at the hospital, but if they have problems they know who the big bosses with their company our.

    As for radio communications I'm going to assume you are using actual radios, here we use nextels with only the direct connect the cell feature is locked.

    Who dispatches you? Do you have a control center officer or an officer that sits in a stationary area? Are you mainly dispatched by the hospitals switchboard? Does the ER or nursing units contact you directly or through someone else? All questions that have to be answered for comm issues. If you have your own person that does most of your dispatching it will be a lot easier to set up a policy. The more outside departments that are part of your communications the harder it will be to set up a policy for all to follow. I have been fighting that beast for a month.

    I would love to discuss this more, feel free to email me anytime!


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      To add to what GCMC Security posted, what is the current authority structure for the officers? What are the problems or liabilities with that structure? How will the structure you propose solve any problems or liabilities with the current structure? What other positive impacts will the proposed structure provide the hospital? If you're a contract service how will your proposed structure benefit your company as well? One last thing to be prepared to speak about will be the fiscal impacts (if any) to the hospital and/or your company (if contract) - which you may want to wait on until you have their attention with the initial proposal.

      While GCMC Security is right in the proposal getting all the way to the top, I would also submit that administrators tend to pay more attention when you show any problems and how your proposal will solve them. I have found this to be true primarily because you may be pointing out the potentially liabilities of an insufficient system.

      Like GCMC Security said if you want to talk more drop me a PM and we can set up some discussion.
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