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Difficulty sleeping...on duty

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    Originally posted by EMTGuard
    I guess my whole point of this thread was to blow off some steam to those who would understand the problems of working with such a situation.
    I can relate to needing to blow off steam. You should have seen me by end of shift this morning, I walked out after work trying to ease the feelings I was having to want to strangle a couple of the staff working the emergency department last night.

    Originally posted by EMTGuard
    Thanks to everyone for the advice or just for taking the time to read and send mesages of support.
    It's all about mutual support.

    Originally posted by EMTGuard
    With years of Army training, where sleeping on guard duty is a court martial offence, and years of working as a Corrections Officer, where sleeping is automatic termination, have convinced me that I need to take at least a little responsibility and stay awake regardless of what others are doing.
    I'm in the same boat. Between my military time, and the work I have done in law enforcement, corrections, and public safety emergency services dispatching, sleeping on any of those jobs would have been termination offenses too. People who look to the idea that sleeping is okay fail to realize the risk they are placing others in - especially their duty partners.
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      I suppose it all depends on what level of security the client wants and is willing to pay for.

      When we started my site several months ago, I had 5 officers per shift. The clients soon discovered he didn't want to pay for 5 officers, adn cut the contract to 2 per shift. One has to stay in the shack and let people in, one has to patrol. We normally switch off every two hours.

      This means the patrolling officer has no back up. If we get into trouble, there is no way to get help to us until the police show up, provided we get a chance to call for help. we has one officer quit because he did not feel it was safe to work the site without backup. We all feel it would be a lot more secure and safe for the officers if we had at least one other officer per shift.

      The client at any site must determine what level of security they want. Do they want door greeters only, (low security) or do they want an armed guard in every room (high Security). They need to make that choice.

      Our employer also has to make a choice. Do they want trained professionals or do they want a warm body in a uniform. I was offered a warm body in a uniform position at $7.00 an hour last year, turned it down because they even hired people with misdeameanor convictions and I knew I was worth more than that even as just a warm body. Not the kind of security company I would want to work for.

      In the other hand, at least three major security companies have not seen fit to hire me even after I had interviews. Keeps me wondering if I need to find a new career.