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Mall Emergency Action Team

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  • Mall Emergency Action Team

    Im in the process of trying to form a emergency response team to respond to active shooter/roberys/hostage situations/terrorist attacks on mall property. I want to outfit my future fellow operators with robar Glock 21s, and a Keltec SU16a in 5.56 for a carbine. The keltec is perfect because it is light (5lbs) folds in half for easy storage/hidden carry. We will wear black 5.11 BDUs, oakly assault gloves, dragon skin level 3a heavy vests with ceramic plates....Im still researching helmets, knee/elbow pads and eye googles. We will be oncall 24/7/365 to respond to any threats. I need suggestions for other gear Im forgetting....also need to find a SWAT school for privatly funded teams...I will call my team the Mall Emergency Action Team!

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    Do you already work for a mall? If not do you have clients in mind? I'm wondering what mall would want the legal liability of a private SWAT team when their tax money is probably already supporting a police SWAT team.
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      KEL-TEC? FFS. This is like textbook trolling. Locked.
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