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  • Duty boots above a size 15

    I am looking at getting new boots for work. I had been using Converse C8874. The soles are wearing down and they are extremely scuffed up on the toe but still good boots just not visibly professional for every post I work. (I work at night so no one really notices, but do day time things from time to time and don't want to be limited to my low cut shiny shoes) My problem is I am a big tall guy. Six feet four and 270 and it's not from sucking the jelly out of doughnuts and eating my way to a built-in bulletproof vest. I comfortably wear size 17 Jordan's on my days off and 16-16 1/2's in Reebok's. I don't have the luxury as most people and can just walk into a shoe store and get anything as most don't have anything over a 13 or 14 and refuse to admit their company makes anything bigger as they don't want the hassle. Converse had the largest size I could find for boots at a 15 wide (my feet wore most the insulation out around the heel) and they took two months to get special ordered from China from a nice company that actually changed their website now to reflect that they do in fact come in this big size while others do not.

    Bought two years ago and used HEAVILY from urban to patrol to Ike work walking on debris to country to rocky area's there quiet, light, and hardcore but seem to scuff easily, highly recommend for people with normal feet.

    OK... so does anyone know of any similar boots like these in a bigger size? 16's would be fantastic, 16 and 1/2 even better. I love these but really REALLY want one's that fit properly. Side zipper, prefer the composite toe as there MUCH lighter than steel but would deal with steel. Non-marking and all black are the only company requirements for boots. I can find lots of nice boots in my size but none for work that are all black except cheap-o-depot thin military surplus boots that suck for comfort and are mainly geared for re-enactments and goth kids.

    Currently used ones are here for those interested...

    Thanks for the help in advance

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    A top-zipper closure "adapter" can be added to most tie-close boots, incidentally, and the side-zipper offers no practical advantage over a top-zipper anyway. For that reason, and even more so because it will severely limit your choices in finding a good boot (which is your main objective, I presume?), I'd suggest you drop the requirement for a side-zipping boot. It's only going to screw you up, eliminate a lot of great boots from your consideration, and will probably force you into the wrong boot. The size requirement already narrows down your field of choices drastically, so you don't want to add any other criteria which would cut down the field even further without any real benefit to you.
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      Very true, I completely forgot about those things, thanks. Ha, wish they would let us wear those Harley boots to work. The Weinbrenner 10" Structural Wildland Boot looks perfect, a little taller than I wanted but for the rest of it it is perfect. It has a zipper also and all the features I want just going to take a little from a few more paychecks to get it but looks to be worth it.

      Really cool website. I searched all over the internet when I first bought those Converse's 2 years ago. Dunno how I missed it.

      Anyone have any experience with the zipper adapter thingies? Any problems with them or are they "as advertised"? Thinking of getting some and trying them with other boots I use off duty to see how it goes. Not trying them on the Jordan's, but perhaps some old CAT steel toe work boots from construction working days a eternity ago


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        Duty Boots above size 15

        I have size 16 feet, and created for people like you and I. I have helped sheriffs, firemen, military, and all other sorts of people who shared our difficulty of finding footwear larger than size 13. I have even had special makes done for the tallest people to have played professionally in multiple leagues. I'm the guy in the video at too.

        If you need duty boots above size 15 go to the tactical boots section, as I just added Magnum which goes to size 17. They have the awesome ion-mask surface technology. It lets sweat escape while remaining waterproof, and somehow it still makes chemicals and blood bead up and fall off so they are blood borne pathogen resistant too. You have to look at the videos for ion mask at the bottom of the Tactical Boots page.

        anything we can do to help, let me know!