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    Ok, Im angry and I need to rant. I recently bought a listen only radio earpiece for my radio at work. Spent $42.00 at Blumenthieves (thats Blumenthals for all you that don't have one in your area) for the piece of crap. I get to work and pulg it in and the thing works perfectly. No more people overhearing our traffic and I can walk around without the radio alerting everyone to my presence. Yes its a wonderful thing. Then yesterday, my 3rd day of using it, the damn plug snaps off in the radio . $42.00 and I get a crappy chineese built knockoff that can't even hold up to normal use. What a joke. Now I get to deal with warranty issues and if they try to weasle out of fixing their crappy workmanship boy will I be really angry. Hey you know I feel much better now .

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    Good luck. I only use Motorola and Otto brand electronics.
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      Wow... leave it to blumenthals... lol

      We recently got earpieces for our new radios... They're not name brand either, (foreign knock-off), but they've held up pretty darn well so far, and only cost us $11 each.... if you're curious..
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        I have emailed the company (earphone connection out of california) to attempt to send it back for warranty repairs. The damn thing was less than a week old so they better repair it for free. If they don't they are going to get a lot of very bad publicity from me.


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          I too use ear pieces along with a lapel mic.
          I got mine thru Radio Shack and no problems what so ever.


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            Just an update, the company has agreed to take the item back for warranty work free of charge.