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  • Wish List: Security MDTs

    Someone on SPE got me thinking about this. They're on a team responsible for redesigning the entire Polk County Sheriff's Office computer system. Multi-million dollar operation, etc. He wanted to know what folks wanted in their MDT/MDC system for law enforcement applications.

    Regardless of where you work, what you do in security or private law enforcement, or if you have a car or not in your duties - I would like to know what you would want a laptop, PDA, or other device to do, if issued to you.

    I'd like to know what you folks with laptops in the cars can do with your devices. What purposes you have for them, etc, and what you would like them to do that they don't do, or what you'd like them to do differently.

    I'm getting ready to start planning out the integrated system for these little laptops, and I always like the opinion of others in doing things. After all, its not like I'm the only one who would use this software.
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    I think I explained my previous agencies' laptops to you at one point, but I'll give a brief overview of them again for the sake of giving more info..

    The system they had was NOT constantly connected, which was frustrating... It would've been nice to get up-to-date info from dispatch and other Officers.. But of course, that's what the radios were for...
    They DID allow us to make all our log entries, and all our reports, via an integrated MS Access program... At the beginning of our shift, we would download all daily updates from the server at the office, (via a wireless LAN card on the laptop), then go about our rounds... At the end of the shift, we would upload all our logs/reports/updates back to the server for processing...
    It was a good system, and the writer had included routines for an FI contact database, as well as a vehicle contact database, all within the same program.. (albeit these were still under development at the time, and tended to be buggy).. It was nice that we were able to search through people's names to see if one of our guys had already talked to them before, but it would've been nice to run people real-time... Same with vehicles... Of course I can understand the added cost of this service, however..

    So in short, the program was really the best it could've been, considering the lack of a real-time connection... That's about the only thing I wished they had added... If nothing else, I would've gotten a private account with one of the background investigation websites for the sake of running my contacts...
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      I use to work for a company similar to what Bridgegate is describing (maybe same company???) and the computer system was nice. The changes I will make when I start my own company however are for one I would definately use a touch screen computer. I think that is much safer than using function keys. I also want the capability for live updates not have to wait until i get to the office. Nextel has a new wireless modem out now that uses cellular technology and one monthly payment for unlimited useage, i think i would use something like that. I would also like the ability to run people and vehicles even if the info was limited or old info,i just want to be safe.