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color law in Minnesota for warning Lights

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    Originally posted by mjw064 View Post
    I guess that wasn't the best advice, although admittedly that way of handling things sometimes is part of my thought process. Which is perhaps an ethical dilemma I must come to terms with.
    I have reconstructive surgery of my wrist joint scheduled for next Wednesday, so I am hoping I can get back to work on light duty very soon. I am quite bored now as we approach 8 weeks of being off.
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      Originally posted by SGTJosh View Post
      well I worked private security.
      I was thinking of opening a security company up.
      with a friend who was a tribal officer.

      I know the light laws fine just never saw anything about green.
      as close to as I can get, its incident management unit lighting.

      did some hardcore searching.
      to bad green would be a nice mix for front with amber.
      That could change things. Would the company be operating on tribal grounds? They do not have to abide by state statute; there are different rules governing the reservations.
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        Legally, according to statutes, you could have green and white to the front and amber and red (if the red flash together, like hazards). You can put white to the rear as an "attention grabber" and I don't think anyone would care.
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          Though I was just told that if I use green I will get sued so maybe just use amber and white to the front and rear.