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How many fire arms can you carry at your post?

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  • How many fire arms can you carry at your post?

    I have heard stories of some security officers carrying more than one fire-arm to work.
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    It depends. I was trained with the shotgun, but the company I worked for didn't have any sites that allowed it. Help me out, Hoji, is that right?

    I have heard of PPO's carrying two handguns, but I know that most companies down here don't allow for that. One weapon only.


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      1 only and that is the law - however we used to have shotguns for armoured car work but they were never used after the 80's. I trained on them but that was about it.
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        Zero, none.
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          Florida allows only 2.


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            How many fire arms can you carry at your post?

            I carry as many as I please. As long as you are in train and qualified with them. Currently the state of louisiana weapons are 38, 357 ,(357 has to have 38 loads in it) 9mm, 40 cal, 45acp, 12ga shotgun and rifle.
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              By law, here, only one firearm can be carried by a security officer. That firearm must be registered with the private security division also. Each officer is only allowed to register one per employer and must use the weapon that was registered to that employer at that job.

              That means, if your gun is in the shop. You can't carry a gun at work until that one comes back from the shop.
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                Originally posted by CAPTAIN KOOLAID View Post
                I carry as many as i please as that train and qualified with them. currently the state of louisiana weapon are 38 357 (357 has have 38 loads in it) 9mm 40 cal 45acp 12ga shotgun and rifle.


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                  This is based on my training in 8-2004.
                  We were allowed to carry more than one fire-arm.

                  I never carried more than one fire-arm to work, and the one I carried was my own Glock19 9mm.
                  Just me, but I felt it was enough.
                  Any post that I felt required more than one fire-arm, I turned down.
                  It just wasn't worth it to me.
                  Observe and report what you saw with a good flashlight.
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                    We can only carry the company issued side arm which is a Glock 19c. That is the company's policy, not state law. But it is their property and they can mandate what we use/carry on duty. No back up weapon is allowed.


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                      I can carry pretty much anything that I have qualified with that is within policy. Seeing as I have some mucho say in what the policy sez I carry what i want.

                      Generally i have two glocks, 22/27 or 21/36 but sometimes i go with with a 1911 and a j-frame, depends on the day and the duty.
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                        I have 2-3 weapons at my disposal, all company issued. The threat dictates the response.
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                          I carry a Glock 23 on duty with a Rem 870 shotgun and an AR15 in my vehicle.


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                            State law does not restrict the number of firearms, it only states that every type of firearm carried shall be qualified with using the state course of fire.

                            The question comes in about type: to some that means if you qualify with a S&W Model 10 that is the only gun you can carry. Others interpret this to mean you can carry any double action revolver. As usual the state will not give a reading on this

                            I have qualified with a Glock 19 and 22, a S&W Model 10, a Springfield 1911 and a Sig P226. I normally carry a Glock 19, except on days I feel "retro" then I carry my Model 10.

                            Now if the state would put forth some guidance on impact weapons and defensive sprays it would be helpful.
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                              we can carry any and all that we qualified with,but i usually just carry my Taurus PT 24/7 Pro and a CRKT bear claw to remove prying hands from my weapon.