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Tiny spy helicopter can squirt crooksMar 6 2008

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  • Tiny spy helicopter can squirt crooksMar 6 2008

    POLICE in Nuneaton yesterday unveiled their latest technological weapon - a remote-controlled helicopter, the size of a dustbin lid.

    The microdrone can film from more than 350ft away and beams back live video footage to operators on the ground.

    If needed, the little helicopter can even swoop down and squirt offenders with a security marking solution called SmartWater which can be identified by police.

    PC Roy McMichael, who co-ordinated the Nuneaton operation, said: "We have got to get our message across.

    "Metal theft is a serious crime and has a negative impact upon the public and communities in which we live. It is certainly not a victimless crime."

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    I wonder what the price tag on that is? It sounds like a great idea for many roles!
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      A high potential for abuse too. I could see it being abused at something like a political rally. On the other hand, if it can squirt a marker agent, I suppose it could also do pepper spray or cs. Being able to go into a crowd and single out a subject instead of gassing the whole crowd might be a pretty handy thing.


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        I could use it to fly outside the high rise hotel looking into windows
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          Trust you, Hotel Sec - oh and just email me the good clips ok ?

          I remember an aerial surveillance firm who used a remote controlled plane, blimp and masted cctv camera for aerial shots - absolutely brilliant and also pinpointed a crop of green plants with broad leaves that was growing well behind a disused building. A price tag would be interesting to see what these units are going for.
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