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  • Equipment that saved a life

    Ok I was thumbing through a copy of SOF magazine as I was having a slow day (good to be the boss) when I spotted an advertisement for Surefire Torches. Seems a Surefire torch on the belt of a LEO deflect a slug from an offender who was shooting at him and the bloody torch still worked fine.

    I do recall Mythbusters trying a stabbing on a breast pocket bible (but substituted the bible for a similar book) and it was found plausible and as a young lad recall going to the Police Museum display at our Easter Show and seeing a 10" police truncheon (walloper - wooden baton) that was inside the breast pocket of a cop in the 1800's who was walking the beat when he was shot and the bullet landed in the wooden fibres taking the force and the slug was stopped saving the life of the LEO.

    So have you ever heard of similar incidents or know of anything similar that saved a life ?
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    Depending on which side of the barrel your standing that was one helluva lucky shot.

    Heard a Bible story once too, friend was on deployment and went for a shower but didn't bother bringing his flack vest... Sure enough mortar fire comes in and he takes it in the chest, fortunately the good Padre was making his rounds earlier that day and was handing out pocket Bibles, buddy takes one and puts it in his chest pocket, which is where he took flack, a piece of Flack was lodged in his Bible.

    As to the putting a book somewhere, I have HEARD and don't know of any truth to it, that if you put a magazine under your body armor that will stop an edged weapon, BUT I want to make clear that it was only something I heard about and not witnessed. as far as I know there is a company (I think it is "last chance") developing an edged weapon resistant vest for Corrections officers I saw it on TV, it was a rubbery type material as opposed to Kevlar or Spectra, which is what the Hatch FM 2000 gloves are made of.
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      I don't want to be the victim who tests out the theories. I do recall an Ops Manager who came from Sweden and told me you NEVER worked a door without a vest on due to knife attacks in some areas.

      Again I was only in primary school (elementary in the US) when I recalled visiting the museum and it may have been something like a .32 calibre round as this was common at the time for concealment and close attacks.
      "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu