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Would anybody like to buy some gear?

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  • Would anybody like to buy some gear?

    I have an extra duty belt setup that I really don't need and would like to part company with it for a decent price.
    I have:
    $20-Uncle Mike's Sidekick Holster for Glock 35 .40 cal.
    $10-Uncle Mike's Sidekick Dual Mag Holder for the same (mags available for $15/ea.)
    $8/ea. Uncle Mike's Sidekick Handcuff Pouch X2 (no cuffs)
    $25-Uncle Mike's Sidekick Duty Belt Size Large

    Ok, well...I dunno if this is posted in the right spot. I assume "Gear" was a good place to start. I am open to bids and will probably go to E-Bay if I can't find someone on here. I just would rather give someone here a shot first.


    P.S. More may show up along the way. I just thought this would be a good start.

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    Dougo - adding the belt size may help a bit with the sale of your gear as I know they are adjustable but some others have asked about 2nd hand gear before.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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      All I know is that it is size large, I thought I put that in there, I do not know what size that would be numerically...


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        Belt sizes normally go in Inches so probably a 36 - 40" depending on adjustments.
        "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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          That sounds about right. It would also explain why it fits tight with my new token rent-a-cop gut...


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            Welcome to security, Dougo LOL. Now you know why I hate sitting in an office shining my seat with my suit trousers. Good thing I can walk to 10 of our stores within a 10 - 15 minute radius of my office if necessary.
            "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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              I was doing good when I worked static site. Having a few acres to walk around on was great. Now I'm stuck in complete vehicle patrol. We were told that foot patrol on our current site is a big no-no for safety and client concerns. Anyway...the belt and such went to e-bay. Hopefully I can pull some cash off of it there.


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                glock 35

                Will the glock 22 fit in a glock 35 holster? If so id be interested in the holster


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                  I made a mistake. I didn't have the model of the Glock that was in it except for the fact that it was a .40 cal. It looks like the holster is actually made for the Glock 22, not the tactical model. Yay google. I will actually be going to the gunstore later this week in order to check fit.