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  • What do you think on....

    Howdy, just trying to pick out a good Patrol/Duty belt... I need a new one.

    I only know the Viper Brand and would happily go back with a Viper belt but I'll assume there's more I can get?

    Here's the one I had and want to get again.
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    What do you think on....

    I think it fall apart in six months what your price range?
    Here a link to company there little pricey but well with it.

    oh ya


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      I have always bought quality not `Qrap` and it has served me well over the years. All depends on WHAT you need to carry, your body size, your budget and how much sitting and getting up you go through with each shift. I used to get 10+ years from a leather belt and my Uncle Mikes have all done 10+ years. Again look in Combat and Survival Mag to see what is going on special in the UK for you. There is some rubbish and there is some stuff to get you though the first part of your career.
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        I don't mind the aesthetics of that Viper duty belt (but then I own and prefer Nylon duty gear)... to be quite honest it looks a little similar to my current duty rig which is 2 years old, admittedly leather will last longer but Nylon will still give you a good run IMHO (and it's easier to repair/modify)

        I guess it's all about cash outlay for your equipment, in my case the savings made by not going leather were invested in a decent ASP baton (instead of something half the quality) & torches (of which I'm a collect-a-holic)
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