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  • Dyewitness

    Hi guys and girls,

    I was wondering if anyone have used the product Dyewitness? We can't have carry pepper spray in my state N.T (Australia) and it looks like an intresting product.

    The offical site is here:

    here is a better site:

    Thanks in advance,


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    Looks awsome, they ought to start issuing that stuff over here.
    Could really do with that.
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      Search the forums... this has already been discussed.
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        I would look at sending a PM to Maelstrom in Vic (no mexican jokes needed) who has a good knowledge of this product.
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          No Mexican jokes accepted!

          AFAIK DyeWitness is legal for every Australian to possess/carry as it's a non-toxic & non-irritant, 2 factors which turn OC into a prohibited/controlled weapon (with our many States)

          It's also locally available from HERE for less than the site previously mentioned, additionally from what I've been told it's primary use at the moment (by Sydney taxi drivers) has been against fare evaders due to it's serious staining ability

          There have been some issues getting this stuff transported via Australia Post too due to it's physical characteristics (pressurised canister)... though there are many economy delivery services that will transport such devices, I've yet to arrange delivery of the product but have already encountered a situation where I could've used it!

          EDIT: WA weapons legislation has an additional clause covering 'spray weapons' which do not emit OC, I've contacted WA Police for a clarification on their position regarding DyeWitness and if they would consider it a weapon (despite it's non-toxic non-irritant nature), I'll update as I know further...
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            I've tried contacting the Police here about this stuff, most of them have never heard of it and those who knew refused to talk to me about it and hung up. RUDE!.

            I'm going to post a letter to my local police HQ to see what their view on it is and I'll probably post a letter off to the Government... not sure who to contact on it though.
            Main reason?, I think this stuff will safe a brother guard's life some day and I'd like to see it issued as standard.
            Ewfr 'Gomulee - EuwFer 'Gom-You-Lee
            Court Security Officer - Her Majesty's Courts Service HMCS