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  • Duty Gear Preference

    I am curious if you all have certain preferences in duty gear. IE Leather/ Nylon, brands, etc etc
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    I like Bianchi Acumold for nylon, Acumold elite for basket weave and Safariland for holsters.

    I absolutely hate Uncle Mikes, Law Pro and Duty man is crap IMO.
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      Originally posted by LiveNlearn View Post
      Law Pro and Duty man is crap IMO.
      You got that right.
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        I love Safariland for duty gear and I think their Zero-G and Matrix series vests are the most comfortable vests I've ever tried on. For uniforms I'm a 5.11 guy.


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          For just about everything on my belt I prefer Bianchi, with the exception of the gun holster. I like Safariland's gun holsters and my Taser holster is from Taser. When I am forced to carry a ASP baton (yuck) I use a holster made by ASP.

          For footwear, Danner!

          For uniforms, no preference, although I hate cheap!

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            The forum for discussions of duty-related gear and equipment, from lightbars to duty belts, vehicles, lights and more...

            already dicussed :P, try searching the fourms a bit guys before posting
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              I searched for the aforementioned post... couldn't find any that dated back to 2006 , but I apologize for posting something that was discussed so recently
              "What if this is as good as it gets?" ~ Melvin Udall


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                Sorry... I'm not into 'leather' LMAO

                Nylon is the substance of choice, Uncle Mikes, HWC & generic because I can repair/modify it myself (and have already done so), I must admit though I'm fussy that all the webbing matches!
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                  Maelstrom - agreed - nothing looks worse than someone using non-matching pouches. I had found on sale some Swiss Army Leather Pouches that fit my leatherman which look perfect on 1 of the Uncle Mikes rigs I have.

                  Am I showing my age but I have a preference for Sam Browne Leather belts for dress wear when I worked with a patrol firm many years back. All supervisors, etc were directed to wear the Sam Browne's which had a distinctive dress history with the Australian Army going back to WWI for the Lighthorsemen and their Bandoliers and rigging.
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                    I detest the way Uncle Mikes looks. I prefer my nylon gear to be molded, closed-cell foam. This generally means that it will be Bianchi Accumold or Ryno-Gear (Chinese knockoff).

                    Duty holsters come in several flavors, but only one brand for me. Safariland. Be it Raptor, 6280, or SSIII, the holster will say Safariland on it.

                    My "perfect" duty gear setup would be Bianchi Accumold Elite in basketweave with two Safariland 6280 holsters. One for the firearm, one for the Taser X26.

                    Extra Taser cartridge holders would probably be Safariland, as well.

                    If it required to be "ballistic nylon," then just change the finish on the Safariland items to STX, and go with original Accumold.
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                      I always wore Safariland, except for my time at NASA. You wore what they supplied - including a Model 10 S&W.
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                        Duty gear


                        My duty belts (and I have several) are a mixed bag on each belt. All but one is nylon black. I like Uncle Mike's gear, but use whatever works best for the assignment. I don't work sites were I have to look pretty. As long as it is good gear and I like the way it works it goes on the belt or vest. All the brand names work and are good, I just want what works best in my situation.



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                          The leather looks more professional but when it comes to comfort although the leather isn't bad I perfer nylon belts and gear.

                          We're issued the Nylon Belt and all the Bat-Man Belt accessories. I like most of my counter-parts don't usually wear them simply because there isn't really anything we'll need that we don't carry in our vehicles.

                          I carry a duty bag on the front seat which has all my goodies {Bat-Man Accessories} my Clip-Boards, Hard Hat, traffic vest, and stuff. I have a box of purple nitrile gloves in the bag also....For Medical Calls.....Get to the scene throw a pair in my pocket if I don't have my pouch on which sometimes I forget.

                          Going "Commando" {No Belt or Accessories} is my personal prefrence but when we're on a special detail representing the company I'll go all out and wear the gear.....Which is why I like the Nylon Stuff......Lighter and comfortable


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                            Everything on my belt, with the exception of my cell phone pouch (leather) and asp holder (hard plastic) is nylon, mostly Uncle Mike's. I wear navy BDUs, a navy shirt, and a vest that has a black carrier. I can't tell you how many times customers have mistaken me for a police officer.


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                              I have a Uncle Mike's Nylon duty belt with a Blackhawk SERPA level 3 duty holster. Carry an M18L Taser, Fox 2% OC spray, ASP Tactical handcuffs, etc
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